A brand new identity for a social engaged recruitment agency

Visual Identity

Samsam focusses on social engagement and inclusivity on the work floor. Knock on their door if you’re looking for new work, or you simply need the right match for your own company. The name comes from a dutch saying, meaning: Equal sharing. This simple yet effective given is used to create a clear and bright design principle. The color palette is positive and uplifting, resulting into a no nonsense and playful look and feel. 

The design principe is simple; When designing, all the available space is continuously cut in halves in order to come up with balanced and refined compositions. This 50/50 principle can also be found in other ways, for example in making a two-coloured logo.

The bold and clear visual language is translated into a series of icons and illustrations used on for example the website, billboards or social media posts. Above all, all icons and illustrations need to be fun and need to have a level of clarity. It’s a no nonsense kind of design style, where boldness is chosen over sophistication.