A wide range of developments for a new online marketplace

Creative partner, Visual identity & Online development

Hiway is the new online marketplace for freelance professionals. It connects the blockchain-skilled workforce to companies of the future. We wanted to create a fresh visual identity for this young but ambitious startup, that reflected the tech-savvy space it occupies.


Joining the client’s communication channels and scaling the team based on the phase of the project, version2 was able to offer a flexible approach for the client built on strong creative fundamentals. We aligned the branding process with the design of the first screens of the prototype. By doing so, the visual identity could develop over time, incorporated into new designs of the prototype from the outset.


The brand logo was created by merging several circles into one round shape, suggesting movement and speed – inspired by traffic and road construction.


After this stage of development we started translating these elements into a tangible product, engaging additional UX and UI professionals based on the scale of the work. We dived into the front-end design of both the website and the software suite that would eventually connect both employer and employee.